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(07/10) Swagbucks Codes

Posted by Unknown on July 10, 2009 , under , | comments (0)

A new swagcode is available. The code can be found at the new Swagbucks YouTube video. The code is available until 7:00 PM (PST). Hurry, and get it now! Hint: The code is subscribe. But the letters are in different cases! You can watch the video below.

Code Worth: 1 Swagbucks
Code Available: 5:45 PM
Code Expires: 7:00 PM
Code Location: At a YouTube video.

Offers: Tips and Tricks

Posted by Gary on July 8, 2009 , under , , , | comments (0)

Here are good tips and tricks to beginners and maybe intermediates that will help you with completing offers from sites like Rewards1, PrizeRebel, and Points4Rewards. More will be added when I find out new ones!

  • Cookies are the most common problem in offers. Delete your cookies before and after doing an offer.
  • Do what the description says. If it doesn't have any, but the offer is similar, try do what you did on a similar offer.
  • Use Greasemonkey and install the "Just say NO!" script. Just say NO! is a offer completor for most offers with the "Skip" and "Yes/No" options. It automatically clicks on the option. (MOZILLA FIREFOX ONLY!)
  • Use real info, real phone number, real name, real address, real area code, but use another email address to avoid spam on your own personal email.
  • Use the latest version of your browser. Some offers worked for me when I updated.
  • Download Roboform or Autofill Form (Firefox Add-on). They completes forms in just one hotkey!
  • Download CCleaner. Information at ccleaner.com.
  • Use a different e-mail each time you do an offer. You may use GMX.com.

(07/08) Swagbucks Codes

Posted by Gary on , under , | comments (1)

Search & Win

A Swagcode is available at the Incubus Search and Win Prizes section. The code was mentioned at the Facebook Fans Poll post on the Swagbucks Blog. The code is available for one hour. The code is worth 1 Swagbucks and will expire on 3:30 PM (Pacific Standard Time). Please go and get it now while it's available. Codes are available for only a certain time.

Code Worth: 1 Swagbucks
Code Available: 2:00 PM (PST)
Code Expires: 3:30 PM (PST)
Code Location: Under the description of one of the prizes in the Incubus Search and Win.

Another Swagcode is at Twitter and the Swidget.

These swagcodes are now expired.

Not a registered Swagbucks user? You can register here!

Points2Shop - Points to Shot Aim Bot!

Posted by Gary on July 7, 2009 , under , | comments (1)

This hack is for a game called Shooting Gallery on Points2Shop. This bot will automatically aim at the target giving lots of points. Use it now that it works! If they find out about this bot, they will fix the game and the bot will no longer work.

Here's proof that the bot really works:

You can download the bot here:


If you are not a registered Points2Shop user, you can register here.

List of Get Paid To Sites

In "get paid to" (or simply GPT) sites, you can earn points/cash by either completing offers, playing games, click on links, searching the web, referrals and so much more! Then you can cashout or trade the points for awesome prizes!

Search and Win
Big Devil
BigDevil is a regular Search Engine but the attraction here is, you surf to win prizes instantly. Surf any or all links as you like and each click could make you a winner anytime. Surfing BigDevil gives you a chance to win prizes instantly. If you become a winner as you surf, you'll see a Page that looks like this. Just tell us where to send your Prize!

Blingo, the search engine with a twist. Each search on Blingo is also a chance to win prizes instantly. Enter your search in any Blingo search box and click the search button. Each search (up to 25 per day) is a chance to win great prizes instantly. If your search is a winner, you'll see a page that looks like this instead of your search results. Just tell us where to send your prize, whether it's a movie ticket or a new car!

Club Bing
Club Bing offers members a fun way to experience Bing’s rich, useful search results, while also rewarding members with games, prizes, and donations to charities. It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s our unique way of introducing more people to the advantages of searching with Bing.

iRazoo is a search engine where you earn points for each vote and/or recommendation. Exchange your points for great rewards like iPods, Cameras and more! Each search is a chance to win an Amazon gift certificate instantly!

Moola is a Canadian based online gaming website currently open to United States and Canadian residents. Players have funds to place bets against other players without risking any of their own money. These player may then 'cash out' the accumulated winnings for real cash once the equivalent of $10 has been reached. You can start at $0.32 instead of $0.01 by using my referral link!

PrizeRebel is your gateway to prizes. Get free stuff like Maplestory Nexon Codes and Mesos, Xbox 360 Games and more!

Earn Points to get Free Amazon Rewards with your Points by completing offers, playing games, and more! Their sister site, Cashle, rewards users with gift cards and cash.

Do you want free video games, ipods, electronics, music & more? Points4Rewards pays members instantly with Paypal and weekly with Amazon.com Gift Certificates, so there is no limit to what you can choose. Sign up for free and start winning prizes and earning rewards today!

Work from home and earn points that you can redeem towards rewards. Get video games like Halo 3 and Crysis, or gamer cards like XBox Live or Wii points, or even a new cellphone! There is no limit to what you can get, and best of all its FREE. Sign up and start earning points now!

Scour is a next gen search engine with Google/Yahoo/MSN results and user comments all on one page. Users get rewarded for using it by collecting points with every search, comment and vote. The points are redeemable for Visa gift cards. It's like earning credit card or airline points just for searching.

Simple GPT
Do you want free video games, ipods, electronics, music & more? Simple GPT pays members instantly with Paypal and weekly with Amazon.com Gift Certificates, so there is no limit to what you can choose. Sign up for free and start winning prizes and earning rewards today!

The SuperPoints Network rewards users for doing the things they do online every day - searching, sharing, and shopping. SuperPoints can be redeemed for valuable rewards, including gift cards, electronics, and even cars! Reward Ladder awards prizes to people who share SuperPoints with their friends. Rewardshopping gives you SuperPoints for every purchase you make from their online shopping portal. Search the web and win with LuckySearch. Every search is a chance to win valuable prizes. When your connections win, you win too!

Search & Win
Be rewarded with Swag Bucks, the web's premier digital dollar! Whether it's searching the web, answering polls, or shopping online, Swag Bucks will show you how to earn rewards for the activities you're already engaging in.

Wabbadabba makes search better. Win stuff just by searching. No registration needed. Invite your friends and you can double your chance of winning.

Winzy is a search engine where you can win free prizes. Every search on Winzy is a chance to win! Come to Winzy.com every day to search the web, play games and build your Winzy Friends network by inviting friends to join Winzy. The more friends you invite to join Winzy, the more chances of winning you have. If one of your Winzy Friends wins a prize while searching, you will win the same prize!